Trick My Trunk

What | Each year on the Sunday before Halloween, everyone tries on their costumes and wears them to church! Do we really wear them to church? Yes! Join us this year at 10 AM for our normal worship service and then stick around after as we get our trunks decorated and fill a basket with candy to pass out to anyone who comes to visit. We will have a BBQ lunch, photo booth, face painting, and a whole lot more for your to enjoy. There's something for everyone and if you're dressed up or not, it's going to be a blast!

Who | Everyone

When | Sunday October 29th 10 AM

Where | The Grove's parking lot

Cost | FREE

You can do as much or as little decorating to your trunk as you want but we will be handing out prizes to the best trunks in these 4 categories:

  1. Ducks or Beavers
  2. Best Board Game
  3. Most Interactive
  4. Silliest

We will also be handing out an award to the most coordinated family in costume!

Are your friends going? Find out!

Check out these pictures below for some inspiration and follow us @albanygrove on Facebook and Instagram to see our flashbacks from previous years!