Live Like Jesus

We believe that by growing in the following areas you will be transformed through your relationship with Jesus. 

- Be a friend of God

- Be active in the life of the church

- Care for the church through serving

- Respond generously to God by giving

- Invite others into the life with God

- Develop habits of spiritual life


Grab a Purple Book from the Go Cart and go through it with a friend.

Resources we have picked out for you:


The Gospel of John.  

The Book of Romans

You Version Plans:

Union With Christ

Being Prayerful

The Five P's of Evangelism


The Bible Unwrapped : Making Sense of Scripture Today    Author Meghan Larissa Good

What on Earth Am I Here For?                                                Author Rick Warren

Celebration of Discipline : The Path to Spiritual Disciplines   Author Richard Foster

How Good is Good Enough : Since Nobody's Perfect          Author Andy Stanley

More Ready than You Realize : 

     The Power of Everyday Conversations                             Author Brian McLaren



Knowing Faith

Other Resources:

YouTube: One Minute Apologist

YouTube: The Bible Project