Grove Family,

This Sunday, and for at least the rest of this month, The Grove will not be holding in-person gatherings. We will be moving worship services online. 

Our pastoral staff and leadership council have been monitoring the developments with the Corona Virus and the mandated social distancing and event cancelations. Our church is all about loving our city and, at this time, the best thing we can do is eliminate large gatherings to help slow the spread of this virus. 

You can plan to join us online Sunday morning, and then see more opportunities for interaction for your whole family all week and across all our social media platforms. More details with times and relevant links will follow.

Over the next couple of days, we will be meeting to develop our full online plan and how we can best help each other be connected - to Jesus, to our church and to the needs of our communities. 

I know that our church has the capability to be prayerful, loving and calm leaders. While we are making wise and helpful decisions, we do not have a spirit of fear and anxiety, but rather one of love and hope.

Here’s what you can start doing right now:

  1. Be praying for our communities. We need to be praying for those who are sick and those who are scared, for governing leaders and for health care workers. 

  2. Be a light for Jesus. In times like these, Christians are called to be a non-anxious presence. We look for opportunities to love and support vulnerable people and lessen the effects of the virus and the social impacts we are experiencing. This might mean a check-in phone call or text, maybe serving your neighbors with childcare, or helping with food for people with a sudden increase in need.

  3. Lean into your spiritual growth. With so many events being cancelled, you and your family will suddenly have a lot of free nights and weekends. This is time where you can really lean into your spiritual life by reading your Bible, listening to good podcasts, reading uplifting books and engaging with your friends. At the end of these restrictions, I want you to come out stronger in Jesus, not just with a shorter Netflix queue.

This is an unprecedented season for our church, and also for the modern world. I know that God is our constant help and refuge. As tough as this situation is, I am confident that God will use this time. I look forward to seeing you online!

~Pastor James